Lifelong conservationists like Zac Goldsmith have welcomed the announcements to help the marine habitats and I have been impressed at how the government has made the UK Aid budget work to support the Climate Change agenda.

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The Prime Minister has surrounded himself with environmentalists and I know his partner, Carrie has also spent years working to support the planet.  I am really looking forward to seeing what the manifesto says.   

On the Blue Planet, the next Conservative Government will launch a £500 million Blue Planet fund, resourced from the International Aid budget, to export UK expertise in marine science around the world, supporting developing countries to protect marine habitats and restore their potential to support biodiversity and tackle climate change.

The fund would also improve conditions for fishermen who rely on healthy oceans and plentiful fish stocks for their livelihoods. 

Conservative commitments: 

Establishing a £500 million Blue Planet Fund to protect our oceans and support the people whose livelihoods rely on the seas. The £500 million Fund will, over the next five years, be focused on: 

Strengthening governance to protect marine environments. The new fund will strengthen governance, institutional capability and regulations in developing countries – improving surveillance and enforcement - to ensure protection of our most vital marine ecosystems. By using UK satellite technology to monitor marine environments and ensure that Marine Protected Areas are not subject to illegal fishing. 

Strengthening science, research and innovation to help other countries protect the oceans that are so vital to all of us. We are world leaders in marine science and research integrity. The fund will help us export our expertise and establish new partnerships for research in developing countries. We will measurably improve capacity and access to relevant knowledge in developing countries to protect marine assets and livelihoods. 

Engaging the private sector, experts and local communities to encourage more sustainable fishing. We will work with large companies to demonstrate the viability of sustainable production and ocean-friendly supply chains and target small to medium scale enterprises to drive innovation and empower women-owned businesses. We will support countries in implementing port state measures to prevent landing of illegally caught fish.

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