A very little me and a very big🎄 in the oldest part of Westminster Palace. The other picture is in the papers today - 109 new Conservative MPs 👏

Yesterday (Monday) was full on. We had a number of induction meetings & we were whizzing around the place to see people that will help us set up. The House authorities are supremely organised & impressive.

I am settling in & getting things sorted but I really miss everybody in Stroud, the Valleys & Vale. I’ve been in the five valleys 24/7 for months & months so it is strange not seeing countryside & familiar faces. Looking forward to being back on Saturday.

I understand we are electing a speaker today & starting the swearing in process. I will be sworn in tomorrow. There is a running order starting with the Father & Mother of the House & working through seniority - i.e. I am down the list as a new MP!

My parliamentary email for Stroud constituents is:

Hope you are all well.


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