I have been asked a few times why we do not have an office in Stroud town and/or a constant presence on the High Street there.

It is because I have all of my team out knocking on doors and delivering leaflets to the WHOLE constituency.

The electoral commission sets all parties a fixed budget for election expenditure. We took a view that having an office in one place would not be a good use of funds.

I also often hear from people in other towns like Berkeley and Dursley that they feel too much effort and focus is on Stroud town. I want to ensure that we are seen to be spreading our efforts as widely as we can.

This is in no way a criticism of the other parties for having decided that an office in Stroud is useful for their campaign, nor that they are ignoring other areas - everybody has a different approach.

That said, we are looking forward to doing some more street stalls soon now that so much canvassing has been done. I have been really touched by how much support we have had from inside the constituency and by visitors from all over the country. The hard graft goes on!


You may have seen the article in the SNJ about the Green party's posters being damaged or removed (ill add the link below). This is absolutely not acceptable. I know it used to happen to my predecessor's posters too in elections.

If any political party is so worried about another team's work - I suggest that they just work harder themselves rather than cause trouble for others. Thankfully there is no evidence of this from my side and my team know that if they did, they would be out on their ear. I will not tolerate such horrible nonsense.

Local people are taking their own time to put up the boards as they believe in their party's cause. Even if you do not agree with views, we have to respect them and the voters that will turn out to vote for all of us. It is a wonderful sign of democracy to see all the different views displayed loud and proud as we move around the constituency.

If you want to have a poster from us - please do email me: Siobhan4Stroud@gmail.com

SNJ Article: Green Party equipment vandalised after Sub Rooms hustings

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